At RiKarbon, we envision a sustainable future with fewer carbon emissions. 

Through the design of enabling technologies we’re one step closer to that goal. We use sustainable, non-conventional and typically unused carbon feedstocks, e.g. waste biomass and post-consumed plastics, to produce chemicals, and specialty and performance products. Our product development and sustainable manufacturing approaches minimize environmental impact, maximize economic value, help achieve sustainability goals of partners, meet consumers’ desire for natural products and improve future energy security.

RiKarbon’s innovative technologies facilitate commercial production of renewable chemicals and high-performing ingredients, e.g. base oils, emollients, for renewable plastics, healthcare and specialty applications. These base oils and emollients contain up to 100% bio-based, sustainable carbon, which can be used to make safer cosmetics and lubricants, mitigating regulatory pain for manufacturers and meeting growing market demands. Our renewable terephthalic acid/ ethylene glycol from post-consumed polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic allows for manufacturing of renewable PET. 

Intellectual Property

RiKarbon holds exclusive license/patents for each of these technologies.