Our Team

RiKarbon has created a productive, dynamic and safe work culture. The team includes technically dedicated and business motivated personnel with extensive experience in innovation, process management, commercialization and marketing.

Basudeb Saha

Founder & President

Basu has 22+ years of industrial and academic experience in R&D, innovation, management, and commercialization. Previously he worked in the polyurethane business R&D division at the Dow Chemical Company, served as a tenured professor at University of Delhi and co-founded Spero Energy, Inc. He is an inventor of 22 patents, the author of 115+ peer-reviewed journal articles and an editor of the book “Sustainable Catalytic Processes” with Elsevier. His vast technical and management experience is instrumental to RiKarbon’s cutting edge technology and product discovery and commercialization.

Sudipto Majumdar, Ph.D.

Scientific Officer

Sudip is an expert in membrane-based separation technologies and process engineering. He has been recognized with one of the first ICIS Alpha Innovator awards in 2016 for the development of a new low-energy technology. He is a co-inventor of 8 US patents and author of over 30 journal articles and 2 book chapters. Sudip manages RiKarbon’s R&D lab operations, and leads product separation projects.

Bryan Feyock

Senior Technology Associate

Bryan has 20+ years industrial (Compact Membrane Systems, Johnson & Johnson, GE Energy, Astropower) experience in cross-functional scientific and manufacturing organization. His is leveraging his process development, execution, and troubleshooting experiences to scale up our renewable oils.

Arvind Nanduri, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Arvind earned his PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering from Texas A& M University-Kingsville. He also has M.S degree in Chemical Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology and, M.S degree in Natural Gas Engineering from Texas A& M University-Kingsville along with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from India. He has industrial and academic experience in process modeling and design, development of bench- & pilot-scale experimental systems, R&D management and commercialization of specialty and commodity products. He is currently leading process development for upcycled oils manufacturing using flow reactors.

Mahesh Parit, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist

Mahesh obtained his MS and PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University, USA and his BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India. He has over 10 years of industrial and academic experience in the area of polymers and biobased materials. His research interests include lignocellulosic biobased materials valorization, thermoplastic polymer composites processing and characterization and has published 13 peer- reviewed articles and a patent. He is leading Plastic Upcycling project.

Joel T. Shertok, Ph.D.

Process Engineer Consultant

Joel has over 40 years of experience with chemical industries and served as a senior level executive. He was a Research Fellow at Rochester Institute of Technology and held senior technical and managerial positions at Rochester Midland Corporation, Pall-Gelman Corporation, Amoco Corporation, and Union Carbide. He is assisting RiKarbon with process and reactor design and techno-economic/life-cycle assessment.

Jenny Luo


Jenny is a full time undergraduate student at the University of Delaware. During her off time, she works at RiKarbon as an intern. She manages RiKarbon’s chromatographic and mass spectroscopic analysis of products and performs product separations under supervision of Dr. Majumdar.

Board of Advisors

Bill Ludlum

Global Commercial Advisor

Bill has 35+ years of experience in commercialization of specialty chemical products with global chemical and fragrance enterprise. He is leveraging his multi-level management and commercialization experience in connecting our cutting edge technologies and sustainable products with customers in the niche markets and developing new business opportunities.

Graeme Biggin

Business Development Advisor

Graeme has 25+ years of experience as a leader in chemical industry. He lived in three continents and
worked in a number of global roles with P&G and Solvey. Currently he is business development director at Jacob Stern and Sons. He has been successful in new business development and acquisition in lubricants and personal care products space and commercialization of specialty bio-based products.

Rakesh Mehta, Ph.D.

IP / Partnership Advisor

Rakesh is an intellectual property attorney in the chemical and materials space with sixteen years
of experience working at nationally recognized law firms. He was a scientist at the DuPont
Experimental Station in Delaware for eight years prior to his legal practice. He serves as a legal
attorney for RiKarbon’s IP creation, protection and enforce, and strategic partnership and

Lou DiNetta

Grant Management Advisor

Louis has 30+ years of experience in corporate commercialization and new business development in the emerging technology space. Currently he is serving as the Technology Business Development Manager at Delaware Small Business Development Center. He is advising RiKarbon in areas of investment, grant management, government cost accounting and proposal strategy.

J Gary McDaniel

Mentor and Industrial Outreach Advisor

Gary has spent over 25 years in the oil refining industry with companies like W.R. Grace, Akzo Nobel, and Honeywell/UOP. He served as a mentor for RiKarbon’s I-Corp program and is currently advising RiKarbon with investment strategy.