Successful Startups Focusing on Sustainability

Apparel from recycled jeans, lubricants from renewable carbon and housing for the homeless from straw bales are among the sustainable and eco-friendly products being developed by University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship ventures. Companies like AndAgain, RiKarbon and Y Innovations speak to the commitment of the university to maintain and take care of the environment.

RiKarbon, founded by Basudeb Saha, is rolling out products made from renewable carbon to increase sustainability and minimize adverse effects on the environment.

“The name RiKarbon means renewable carbon,” said Saha. “Our mission and vision is to use the abundant supply of renewable carbon to make high-value and cost-competitive specialty products that are currently operating on petroleum.”

The first product to market, which originated from research at the Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation at the University of Delaware,  focuses on lubricants. “Our biolubricant products from plant matters and natural oils have multiple high-performance applications in hydropower production, marine equipment, nuclear power production, aircrafts, agriculture equipment, cars and consumer and industrial machinery,” said Saha.

The biotech venture ditches conventional feedstock and all of its adverse effects by using renewable carbon. The new technology provides greater potential for increased innovation and efficiency.

“Using renewable carbon as opposed to conventional crude oil improves alternate supply chain and feedstock flexibility,” said Saha. “Greenhouse and carbon emissions would be largely minimized, and our biodegradable products reduce environmental footprint.”