RiPurpose™ Technology is Revolutionizing Carbon

Approximately 99 percent of all plastics produced are derived from fossil fuel feedstock making plastic production one of the most greenhouse gas (GHG) intensive industries. However, Delaware-based RiKarbon is ready to change this. RiKarbon Inc.’s upcycled feedstock for renewable polymers, RiPurpose™ is produced from 100% post-consumer plastic, and is now available for purchase from its distributor, PoliSciTech, a division of Akina, Inc, and also from RiKarbon warehouse.

RiKarbon’sRiPurpose™ technology can breakdown post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, collected from land and oceans, into PET’s building block chemicals, such as low molecular weight oligomers containing terminal hydroxyl and carboxyl functionalities, for production of renewable PET. Following its successful scale-up, RiKarbon is now selling its RiPurpose™ Olig product for renewable PET and other high value target applications such as adhesives, polyurethanes, epoxies, polyamides, and more. RiPurpose™ technology allows existing PET or PET’s raw materials manufacturers to use waste plastic to produce end-use polymers’ building block intermediate feedstocks that are currently produced from petroleum. RiKarbon will be offering custom pricing based on the needs of its customers allowing them to produce renewable polymers to reduce carbon footprints and deliver more environmentally friendly products to end-users.

Rikarbon’s RiPurposeTM Technology is Revolutionizing the plastics industry

RiKarbon is discussing partnerships with the existing PET and PET raw materials manufacturers and post-consumer plastics sourcing companies for commercial scale deployment of this technology. The benefits to partners are numerous, it offers low temperature hydrolytic depolymerization, room temperature product separation, and can handle mixed plastics, hard color PET, and caps/labels of post-consumer plastic containers do not require separation. The process does not require any petroleum derived solvent and can offer up to a 78% CO2 emissions reduction and 68% energy savings.

RiKarbon’s RiPurpose™ technology is ready to revolutionize the plastics industry with its’ upcycled feedstock for renewable polymers allowing manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint and meet new mandates that require plastic bottles be made with at least 25% recycled plastics by 2025. Producing recyclable plastic products of equivalent quality using waste materials, and without petroleum once may have seemed like a dream, but today RiKarbon is offering a solution.