Rikarbon Introduces Silicon-Free Emollients

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RiKarbon Inc, a Delaware company, is producing sustainable and silicon-free emollients from waste biomass carbon using its proprietary technology. The sensory profile, formulation performance and toxicity profile of the company’s first version of product, RKBA22-SFD, was evaluated by experienced sensory panels, cosmetics manufacturers and regulatory service entity, who concluded the material exhibited excellent performance with competitive value propositions, according to the company.

RKBA22-SFD looks like water but it is actually an oil that mixes easily with other ingredients, providing an advantage over currently used petroleum-based cosmetic oils. RiKarbon’s proprietary technology enables renewable oils with distinctly different structures and properties to meet formulation needs for a wide-range of cosmetics. The company is ramping up the commercial production upon PCPC approval and REACH qualification.