The UpSycal emollients are branched hydrocarbon oils comprised of 100% biobased and upcycled carbon, sourced from agricultural waste materials/non-edible feedstock, and are manufactured with Green Chemistry principles. This squalane-like structured product line can be viewed as a biobased alternative to silicone compounds, petroleum-derived hydrocarbons and esters allowing the formulation of more natural, sustainable, stable, and label-friendly cosmetic and low viscosity lubricant products with all the aesthetics, safety, and performance consumers demand.



Color Cosmetics


Low Viscosity Lubricants

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UpSycal® Bio Poly-α-Olefin Lubricant Base Oils

These lubricant base oils are branched hydrocarbon oils comprised of 100% biobased carbon. The products are manufactured from non-food biomass and other bio-sourced raw materials with Green Chemistry principles. These biobased oils are an ideal replacement for current petroleum-derived low viscosity poly–olefin base oils to formulate sustainable and natural lubricants for the existing applications.

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Green Feedstock for Renewable Polymers


This product is produced by hydrolytically breakdown of post-consumer waste polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic collected from ocean and environment. The product contains oligomers with terminal alcohol and carboxyl functional groups. This sustainable and green co-monomer can be used as a direct replacement for petroleum-derived feedstock to produce high- value renewable and upcycled polymers by polycondensation, ring-opening, epoxidation and other types of functionalization reactions. By using this recycled feedstock customers can claim CO2 emission reduction for their end-use polymers. Our product line will enable customers to create circular economy and decarbonize polymer industries while addressing environmental and water- borne waste plastic challenges, and preserving fossil resources; thus, creating a societal impact.

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