RiKarbon Success Story Written by Department of Energy – July 2023: One Company – Two DOE Funded Technologies that Impact Climate Change on Multiple Fronts: Plastics, Personal Care Products, and Lubricants

Utilizing DOE SBIR funding, RiKarbon has developed technologies for cost competitive renewable productsthat use non-conventional and waste feedstocks to serve the domestic and international specialty andperformance chemicals market. RiKarbon products improve U.S. energy security and sustainability. Funded by the Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) within the Office of Energy Efficiency RenewableEnergy (EERE) in 2018 to […]

RiKarbon Turns Agricultural Waste into Bio-PAO Lubricants

Tech start-up RiKarbon gains commercial traction for its leading-edge, bio-based emollients made from upcycled, climate-friendly agricultural waste products. Severe global climate challenges and resulting pledges to reduce carbon emissions create an urgent need to produce synthetic lubricants that prevent the depletion of fossil resources. Poly-alpha-olefin (PAO) is a class of synthetic lubricants with superior performance […]

RiPurpose™ Technology is Revolutionizing Carbon

Approximately 99 percent of all plastics produced are derived from fossil fuel feedstock making plastic production one of the most greenhouse gas (GHG) intensive industries. However, Delaware-based RiKarbon is ready to change this. RiKarbon Inc.’s upcycled feedstock for renewable polymers, RiPurpose™ is produced from 100% post-consumer plastic, and is now available for purchase from its distributor, PoliSciTech, a division of […]

BASF announces innovation partnership with RiKarbon on emollients derived from bio-waste 

Ludwigshafen, Germany and Newark, Delaware, USA, September 21st, 2022 –BASF and RiKarbon Inc., a U.S.-based technology start-up, announce the signing of a partnership contract to exclusively license and commercialize proprietary technology from RiKarbon.  RiKarbon’s patented technology allows the upcycling of bio-waste into bio-based, biodegradable emollients for the global personal care market, supporting the industry’s drive to […]

Rikarbon Introduces Silicon-Free Emollients

Article by Happi | View Full Article RiKarbon Inc, a Delaware company, is producing sustainable and silicon-free emollients from waste biomass carbon using its proprietary technology. The sensory profile, formulation performance and toxicity profile of the company’s first version of product, RKBA22-SFD, was evaluated by experienced sensory panels, cosmetics manufacturers and regulatory service entity, who concluded […]

From Lotion to Ocean Liner

Article by Karen B. Roberts | Illustration by Jeffrey Chase | Photos courtesy of Horn Entrepreneurship Staff Applications abound for UD startup’s renewable oil More than 20 million people board cruise ships each year to enjoy a little rest and relaxation. The lucky travelers liberally apply sunscreen before sunning themselves on deck, while the ship’s […]