RiKarbon develops technologies for cost competitive renewable products that use non-conventional and typically unused carbon feedstocks to serve the domestic and international specialty and performance chemicals market.

Renewable Materials

minimal environmental impact
RiKarbon believes in protecting and nurturing the environment. We use plant matters and non-conventional feedstock to produce renewable oils and ingredients containing up to 100% bio-based carbon.


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High Endurance

efficient and reliable
RiKarbon’s innovative synthetic strategy produces designer renewable oils and ingredients with lasting sustainability index, durability and stability to warrant a switch from the current choices.

Diverse Applications

appeal across industries
With increased global environmental regulations, RiKarbon’s bio-based oils help formulators to create lubricants for environmentally-regulated applications and produce safer skin care products.

Partners / Investors

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RiKarbon acknowledges the Department of Energy for providing seed funding for technology development and commercialization.